ISO 15189 Medical laboratory accreditation

ISO 15189 Medical laboratory accreditation
ISO IEC 15189 basic aim of medical laboratory accreditation is to give assurance of test results for patient and health staff. Medical laborants , clinical researchers and practices before test and after test need some additional requirements.

Consequently , 212 number of technical committee ISO/IEC 15189:2003 deduced being unique standard ‘’Medical laboratory –special needs for quality and sufficiency ‘’ about ‘’ clinical test operations and used test system outside body’’.


  • ISO 15189 Tıbbi Laboratuarların AkreditasyonuEstablishing of ISO/IEC 15189
  • Measurement system analysis
  • process map and process management
  • measurement uncertainty
  • Calibration, validation and verification
  • Internal audit management
  • Authority foundation (NB) training

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ISO 15189
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