HACCP History

HACCP History
HACCP ISO 220001959-1960: First works, NASA wanted to produce food for astronauts for guaranty food safety with zero false program to eat,

1963: World health organization (WHO) issued Haccp principles in Codex Alimentations.

1973: NASA (USA national air space Foundation ), Natick American Army laboratory and Pillsbury group company priged common project for astronauts in food production with zero false and HACCP concept entered to literature,

1985: USA national science academy suggested that HACCP should be applied in food operations for food safety,

14 June 1993: HACCP entered to regulations of Europe Community Countries with directives ‘’Hygiene of food matters’’,

1996: It was applied in Europe all food industry as legal,

HACCP became mandatory in Turkey the date of 16 .11. 1997 with Turkish food codex in food industry. Formal newspaper issued the date of 09.06.1998 in ‘’ food production and audit regulations’’ that HACCP system should be applied. HACCP was mandatory with same regulation in meat, milk water products , meat product and milk product producing companies the date of 15.11.2002 after as graduate.

20 February 1998: Denmark issued DS 3027/1998 HACCP standard ,

3 March 2003: TS 13001/Mart 2003 HACCP standard was issued “According to HACCP food safety management- regulations related management system for food producing organization and suppliers’’.

1 September 2005 ISO 22000 “Food safety management system- requirements for organizations in food chain’’.

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