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Central of Standart Kalite is Istanbul. Standart Kalite gives with specialists and qualified people consultancy and training services. Commons of Standart kalite had worked in TSE (Turkish Standart Institute) for 10 years.

Standart Kalite presents real and suitable services legal, day and your requirements.

Standart Kalite took ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certificate and TS 13082 service suffficient certificate (TSE) and were confirmed.

Standart Kalite gave consultancy and training services to 900 companies. These companies succeeded to get 1200 certificates. Standart kalite was established in 2004 year.

Quality management system

ISO 9001:2000 Quality management system
Different standards which are developed for similar Technologies in different countries and different Technologies, are named as ‘’ technical obstacle for trade’’ and these standards are used against producers. Aim of ISO is to prepare recognized ISO 9000 quality management standards by international and to remove like these obstacles in front of trade.

ISO 14000: 2004 Environment mangement system
ISO14001 is a management system which was developed for environment problems becoming foreground or for companies being collocutor with environment regulations. Standard includes requirements which are to prevent environment pollution, to perform legal responsibilities for these, to show these to related organizations. Question requirements, in economic and technological facilities of organization are discussed.

OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety system
OHSAS 18001 is developed by BSI (British Standard Institute) and is important for companies. It is accepted by all world and is reliant to risk analysis. OHSAS18001, meets requirements of legal responsibilities about worker health and work safety and decreases to minimum for work accidents and job diseases.

HACCP ISO 22000 hazard analysis and critical control points
A HACCP certificate, food safety system are compared with the best applied standard and demonstrate suitable in assessment. Certificate which is given by third party accreditation foundation ensures to your customers that you did everything for food safety.

ISO TS 16949:2002 Automotive sector quality management
objective of ISO TS 16949:2002 ; (quality management system ISO 9001:2000 in automotive industry as directed to rapid production and spare part production related applying special specification) is to our quality management system which provides continual improvement in supply chain, prevents fault and missing and decreases product refusal.

Integrated management system
Integrated management systems; IS09001, ISO14001, OHSAS, HACCP ISO22000 e.t.c are system which management systems are collected under unique roof and are met requirements at same time and are applied total.

ISO IEC 17025 Laboratory accreditation
ISO IEC 17025 is international standard which explains to meet general requirements about making of specific tests. This international standard can be applied for organizations which make test and calibration. This international standard is benefited to develop for quality, administrative and technique of laboratory.

ISO 13485 Quality system For medical device
ISO 13485 is a international standard which occurs special conditions taking basis ISO9001 standard. Medical devices producers who perform legal requirements as well as, want to get advantages in competition, have to demonstrate to adjust to requirements of quality management system.

ISO 15189 Special requirements for medical laboratory quality and sufficiency
Basic aim of ISO/IEC 15189 is medical laboratory accreditation, to provide assurance of test results for patients and health staffs. In time, for medical labor ants, clinical researchers and before test and after test need addition requirements. Consequently 212 number ISO technique committee ‘’ clinical laboratory test operations and test systems outside body’’ with related solo standard ‘’ medical laboratory –special requirements for quality and sufficiency standard ISO/IEC 15189:2003 were occurred.


Product is suitable with CE marking according to Europe product regulations. Also product meets requirements of human-environment health and safety, consumer rights.

TSE marking which is on the packing or product shows that product or services are suitable to TSE, if there is problem this is under guaranty of TSE. TS signals and while unique number is solo (like TS 4600), producer declared that product was produced suitable to Turkish standards . There is no guaranty of TSE.

TSEK marking which is on the product or packing shows that product is suitable to international standard or foreign country's standard according to accepting technique features because there is no Turkish standart about it and if there is problem this is under quaranty of TSE


Our Certificate

ISO 9001:2000 Quality management system
ISO 9001:2000

TSE Certificate
TSE Certificate

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